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Mint Matcha Lavender - Cortadito Coffee House

What do you Mint? Lavender & Matcha.

Mint Matcha Lavender & Limited time Offerings at Cortadito Coffee House.

One day, the manager at
Cortadito Coffee House noticed a surge in requests to add matcha to non-matcha orders. Initially, he thought it was just one customer, but soon realized it was more than just a few times.

Matcha has been a staple at Cortadito Coffee House since its inception in 2020. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, variations of the popular matcha latte have been ordered on a daily basis, with guests opting for around 50 different sizes between lattes and teas.


Taking iced coffee beyond the basics

Let’s take a moment apart to discuss iced coffee. It’s clear that beyond coffee, restaurants across the US are embracing diverse offerings, and they’re becoming increasingly popular. In hotspots like Miami, choosing fresh and iced drinks throughout the day is an irresistible option. The truth is, the popularity of iced coffee is soaring, with new offerings constantly emerging. And when it comes to Miami, anything espresso-based is like the plat du jour.


Lavender: The rising star

Speaking of new trends, lavender has seen a remarkable surge in popularity. According to market research guru Datassential, the use of lavender in lattes, teas, and desserts has increased by 66% on menus over the past four years. What was once considered an independent coffee shop flavor or niche sparkling water addition has now become a quintessential spring offering. While lavender and lemon have long been recognized as a classic pairing, this versatile herb is now being combined with a broader range of flavors, including berries, matcha (for an especially beautiful presentation), and vanilla for balancing sweetness.


The ultimate fusion: Mint, Lavender and Matcha

What about mixing mint, lavender, and matcha? Now, that’s an idea that screams summer. Wait, what about spring? One word, Miami. So back to the mix. How does it work? Let’s start with the milk. You have the freedom to choose—whether it’s oat milk, which has seen a remarkable rise in popularity over the last years, or traditional favorites like cow milk, almond milk, or plant-based alternatives. Simply pick your favorite, about 8oz, and we’ll add sweet matcha for a unique twist on traditional tea. Carefully blended for the perfect balance of sweetness and packed with antioxidant properties, it’s sure to delight even those unfamiliar with matcha’s flavor profile. And that’s not all—our limited-time offering at Cortadito also boasts an aromatic herbal and floral flavor, courtesy of lavender. Just wait until you try it.


Your new go-to beverage

But wait, there’s more! Let’s not forget about mint. A staple in Mojitos everywhere, mint is to matcha what peanut butter is to jelly—a perfect pairing. Adding a few fresh leaves to your drink will make it your new go-to beverage for sunny days spent strolling around Miami Beach, lounging on the sand, or enjoying a lunch break in Coral Gables. And now, it’s also available for your commute to the office in Brickell, conveniently located at 800 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131.

By. E Machado

May we talk about Five Reasons to love el Cinco in Miami?

Going out for dinner & mariachis el CINCO DE MAYO in Miami Beach.















Let’s start with this, on Sunday May 5th, the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is happening.
Additionally, OH! Mexico Restaurant is also participating in the marquee event of the year. So yes, there’s a lot going on around El Cinco.

Based on the Spring Trends report by research firm Datassential, 52% of consumers that celebrate Cinco de Mayo prefer to go to a restaurant for food.

Why don’t we take a minute to explore some things happening in Miami Beach on this date?
Historic background: We’ll be celebrating the Batalla de Puebla, the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War

Secondly, let’s check out TripAdvisor’s best Mexicans and the reviewers’ recommendations. Also, let’s look into Google ratings and finally pick something with Mariachis and a nice outdoor vibe.

Third. What else? Since we’re wish-listing:
No Reservation Required, because you love to walk-in as if it is five o’clock somewhere.
Some DJ action, because why not? it is Sunday after all.
Mariachis are Must-HAVE
A Large selection of Margaritas? Absolutely.
Birria on the menu, just in case we want to keep up with some viral trends.

Reason number 4. Exploring what is on the menu might be another good way to approach this upcoming celebration:

  • Swimming in Citrus.
    They have grown over 25% on menus over the last 4 years, according to market research firm Datassential. Aguachiles are different from other ceviches as they are served immediately after tossing the shrimp with the lime juice instead of marinating for a bit.
    Our favorite at Oh! Mexico, the Green Aguachile: Citrus marinated shrimp, cucumber, red onion & serrano chili-lime sauce
  • Known & Delicious
    Tampiquena Steak.
    A delicious dish, Skirt steak served with a cheese filled enchilada covered in guajillo sauce, accompanied with guacamole, white rice & refried black beans.
  • Growing on Menus.
    Al Pastor.
    Tacos are commonly found on U.S. menus. Al pastor, also known as tacos al pastor, is a Mexican dish based off of shawarma (vertical spit-fired meat) brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants & at OH! Mexico is made with slow roasted guajillo marinated pork, pineapple, onion & cilantro with soft corn tortilla suggested.
  • Find it Everywhere, gotta have it.
    Over 30% of menus in the US serve guacamole. While some people make their own at home, the Guac is the starter by excellence at Oh! Mexico, too tempting to pass. 

FIVE. Finally, let’s get to the list & break it down by geolocation & mood:

Somewhere near the beach, say that you want to stay all day in the water but don’t want to miss the fun?
Oh! Mexico Taco Shop on Ocean Drive.
Address: 804 Ocean Drive. Miami Beach
Is that..? Yes, exactly, next to the iconic News Cafe.
FUN Starts:  Mariachis 5pm followed by DJ.
TRY ON CINCO:  Cochinita Pibil.

Somewhere outdoor & relaxed but you want to go after taking a nice shower, so after the long day at the beach?
Say no more, and head to Oh! Mexico Lincoln Road.
Address: 836 Lincoln Road. Miami Beach
Fun starts:  Party mode at 7pm.
TRY ON CINCO:  Birria Tacos.

Somewhere vibrant with a stylish vibe?
Oh! Mexico Espanola Way, established in 1997, is a staple of Mexican authenticity.
Address: 1440 Washington Avenue. Miami Beach. 
Fun starts: Mariachis 7pm and DJ thru 11pm
TRY ON CINCO:  Gobernador Tacos.

See you AL RATO, can’t wait to be CINCO!

By. E. Machado

Here is a quick guide to the Best Mocktails at Vida & Estilo celebrating National Mocktail Week during Dry January.

New Year & New Me resolutions are very common, especially in January. Most
determinations are related to personal goals like health, wellness, also personal &
professional growth, as well as travel, leisure, relationships and so many more..

There is one trend, currently proliferating in restaurant menus that has gained both
popularity and recognition due to the increased interest in healthier lifestyle impacting
drinking habits, especially when alcohol is involved: those are the alcohol free cocktails
and there is a week for that.

National Mocktail Week happens every January and is a celebration dedicated to
non-alcoholic cocktails, a time to appreciate recipes that don’t contain any alcohol.
Mocktails are perfect for those who prefer not to drink alcohol or for any occasion where
alcoholic beverages aren’t appropriate.

In preparations for this year’s Mocktail celebrations, we pair our selections with some
restaurant favorites across VE Restaurants in Miami & Las Vegas.

Mega Trends & Lemonade Inspired
While new flavors and formats are increasing, lemonade mocktails are an identified mega
trend in the non alcoholic beverage group. Lemonade is common at nearly all restaurant
Most Popular Lemonades: Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade











Where. @Havana 1957
Strawberry is projected to grow up to 22% & is the most popular lemonade flavor in


Where else?
Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade is also trendy at Cafe Americano.












Flavor Notes: Fresh strawberry, cucumber, lemon juice & sweetened with agave.
Fruits are mega trending in beverages & good examples are strawberry and lemon, but
in this case, adding a note of freshness with cucumber makes this Lemonade appealing
to the eye and palate.

Other Lemonade Mocktails.

Spicy Watermelon Lemonade
Where: @Oh! MEXICO Restaurant /
Flavor Notes: Fresh watermelon juice, jalapeños, cilantro, lemon juice, agave.
Fresh Peppers like Jalapeños are the most classic ways to add heat.
Spicy flavors in general are currently very popular & jalapenos appear in 58.5% of the

Dragon Fruit Lemonade
Where: PaperFish Sushi Bar
Flavor Notes: Dragon Fruit / Lime Juice / Ginger Beer / Pure Cane Sugar.
Dragon Fruit has grown 113%+ in the last 4 years, and is projected to appear in 3% of

Mango Limonata
Where. Mercato della Pescheria
Flavor Notes: Mango Puree, Cucumber & Lemonade.
Mango is projected to appear in 4.2% of Menus by 2027 & has grown 10%+ in the last 4


While Moscow Mule is projected to appear in 11.7% of the menus, according to market
research firm Datassential, it is no secret that the Mocktail Mules are deliciously refreshing
and good for any time of the day.

Basil Ginger Mule
Where. Marabu Restaurant










Flavor Notes. Basil leaves, lemon juice & ginger beer


These you got to love.

Beauty and The Drink
Where. News Cafe
Flavor Notes. Q grapefruit soda, Rose Reduction, Citrus, Strawberry, Cucumber

You are Peachy
Where. Cafe Americano
Flavor Notes. Peach Reduction, Sour AF Lime, Lychee Reduction & Grapefruit Juice.

Resources. Datassential Report Pro.
Must Read.

By. E. Machado

National Sandwich Day 2023 & the Menu Adoption Cycle

Trending on National Sandwich Day

National Sandwich Day 2023 & the Menu Adoption Cycle

National Food Days are designated days throughout the year when specific foods or types of cuisine are celebrated and enjoyed. These days are often used to promote particular dishes, ingredients, or culinary traditions.

While the origins of National Sandwich Day may not be well-documented, it has become a lighthearted and enjoyable celebration of a beloved food that holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of many Americans. It’s an opportunity to savor and experiment with the endless variety of sandwiches that can be found in restaurant menus around the world.

That said, let’s gather some US insights: Sandwich appears in about 70% of Menus. And according to AI MenuCast “the AI-powered tool that uses F&B industry data to help bring products to life faster..” sandwich is projected to experience a decrease of -2% by 2027.

Speaking of Sandwich Varieties, looking at the Menus at VE Hospitality Group (VEHG) while keeping up with current trends, we combined Datassential data & our menus.

Growing in Preferences: BAO
Currently in 2% of US Menus
Predicted growth 2.7% by 2027
Where in VEHG: PaperFish Sushi Bar

Latino & Interesante:
Ropa Vieja
While in only 0.6% of menus in US
Ropa Vieja is predicted to grow 22% thru 2027
Where in VEHG: Cortadito Coffee House.

One Classic: Reuben
10 years ago was in 20% of the menus
Today is 16.9%& while not growing much,
Everybody knows its name.
Where on VEHG: News Cafe.

The One to Like: Cubano
Currently in 2.3% of menus
Prospective growth is 2.8% by 2027
Where on VEHG: Havana 1957, Marabu, Cortadito, Cafe Americano

Morning Champion: Breakfast Sandwich.
It is in 20% of the menus
And will grow to 23% by 2027
Where on VEHG: Cafe Americano, Cortadito

By. E. Machado


V&E Hospitality Group among the Largest Employers in South Florida.


South Florida Business Journal has listed the 50 Largest Employers in SoFla including Vida & Estilo Hospitality Group, VEHG ranking #29.

VE, founded in Miami Beach in 1996, is the only restaurant industry group included in the top 50 with over 2,057 companywide employment & 1,608 in South Florida.

Ranked by number of SoFla employees, the list includes a great variety of employers in sectors like education, health care, insurance, travel, management & consulting and more.

Take a look at the full list

FIU Chaplin & Vida & Estilo Team Real World Podcast Episode

This happened during Vida & Estilo branded day at FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. VE leaders talked about challenges, favorite dishes, how to create a nice vibe at the restaurant, how to work as a team, how to have fun & much more during The Real World Podcast.

Learn about Regional Sales Manager Fabiana’s journey from running the floor to mastering events, Chef Alex Martinez from music to cooking and how his abuela inspired him. Take a listen to Chef Alex Medina words of wisdom to students about fear not and embrace challenges; and listen to the Ratatouille moment, flavor & mind clicking experience the first time Havana 1957 Pembroke Pines General Manager Carlos Proenza tried Pollo Havana. During the podcast VE leaders talk about their background, their favorite dishes, how to balance work – life and the things they wished somebody would have told them when they first started their hospitality voyage.

VE Team

Check out the podcast on your preferred platform:






Hispanic Heritage Month Award to Cortadito Coffee House


Cortadito Coffee House has been recognized this year with the Hispanic Heritage Month Award 21st Edition of the Annual Recognitions in the city of Miami Beach.

The Hispanic Affairs Committee in Miami Beach honored, including Cortadito together with over a dozen of members of the community who live or work in the City of Miami Beach and who have made a positive contribution to the city in their respective professions.

Hispanic Heritage month acknowledges the social and economic contributions of all Hispanos & Latinos, including their role in business, politics, science, education, the arts & the hospitality industry.

With its modern Ventanita style designs, the unique flavors & menu variety, Cortadito has become a crucial part of our heritage’s essence & proven to be a vibrant and dynamic celebration of culture, history & community, also providing continued support to Miami Beach Community, from Miami Beach HighTides football team to creating scholarships to FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Students, as well as non-profit organizations like AYUDA by donating food to the
VIP Pre-Salsa Fest this year.

The celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month can be traced back to 1968 when it began as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon B. Johnson until it was later expanded to a month-long celebration by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 happening every year from September 15th to October 15th.

Congratulations! Cortadito Coffee House.
By E. Machado


SOBE Seafood Festival, Innovation & one Sushi Battle.


PaperFish Sushi Bar (Espanola Way) Chef will defend his champion title at the Battle of Sushi during this year’s SOBE Seafood Festival.  

The 11th edition of the weekend-long with lots of fun celebration of all things del mar, including the popular VIP Chef Showdown, is taking place on the beach on the weekend of  October 20th and will feature 24 Chef Battles & a great opportunity for Chefs to innovate & create new dishes to add to their menus at 7pm on Friday.

WANT TO KNOW Why to Visit this Festival? Say no more and READ  about SOBE Seafood 11th edition.

Sushi Winner in 2022
During the 10 year of SOBE Seafood Festival, PaperFish Chef Michael  Asalie, delighted the Chef with a Sandwich del Mar creation that consisted of a Tuna Roll with Crab & Avocado, topped with red tobico and bonito flakes.

Ranking among the Best Restaurants in the Travel Guide Tripadvisor, PaperFish Sushi Bar, has currently two locations operating, one in Brickell & one in South Beach and offering  a rich tapestry of flavors, textures & signatures dishes, making it a source of delight and exploration for japanese food enthusiasts in Miami. 

As of 2023 there are over 19K Sushi Restaurants in the US, according to consulting company IbisWorld with a 4% increase since 2022. 

Get Festival Tickets & support PaperFish Chef.

by E. Machado

Best Of Miami® 2023

logo_New Times_Best Of Miami

Five VE Group concepts including Marabu, Havana 1957, PaperFish, Barsecco & Cortadito Coffee House are Reader’s choice New Times Best of Miami winners this year.


New Times, the trusted source of information about news, restaurants, music and the arts for more than 1 million monthly active readers, releases every year their Best of Miami® (in their own  words): “official guide to the best people, restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, music and more in Miami”


For another year, restaurants like PaperFish, Marabu & Cortadito Coffee House were awarded with Reader’s Choice while new additions include Havana 1957.


Taking a closer look to 2023 winners top favorites & uniqueness notes: 


Best Cuban Marabu

Skirt Steack

Leading the charts: Skirt Steak, Masas al Carbon, Ropa Vieja, Cubano & Vaca Frita.
Uniqueness Notes: Reputation is all about,  #1 of 2.7K in Miami.


Best Coffee House Cortadito


Cortadito Doggi

Leading the charts: Cortaditos & Cafe con Leche (Medium is king). 

Uniqueness Notes: Tale of two cities, Conventions & Cuban Bowls. 


Best Sushi PaperFish


Leading the charts: Signature Rolls

Uniqueness Notes: Ratings & Reviews 5.0 in TripAdvisor. 


Best Brunch Barsecco


Leading the charts: Brunch Unlimited Mimosas, Hookahs & Margaritas

Uniqueness Notes: Must-Have $7 Happy Hour MON to FRI  3 to 7 pm or SAT & SUN 4 to 7 pm.


Best Mojito Havana 1957

Mojito Havana

Leading the charts: Pollo Havana, Orquesta Cubana, Cubanos, Churrasco & Mojitos!
Uniqueness Notes: About 300 between Classic & Super Mojitos served daily.


Link to Winners  BOM 2023 

Cortaditos & Café con Leche

Looking at 12 months & over 270K guests visits at Cortadito Coffee House between Miami Beach & Coral Gables and specifically for the top two coffee ordered here is what we noticed:  35% of consumers ordered Cafe Con Leche while 20% had a Cortadito.

In the May edition of Food Business News, there is a dedicated ingredient trends story about boosting innovation with coffee & tea by contributing editor Donna Berry. The article provides interesting data about the innovation evolution and new trends that includes healthier options thru ingredients such as organic caffeine from green tea, green coffee & antioxidant boosts.

From feeling awake to part of a daily routine, helping to focus, relieve stress, coffee & tea are part of our daily lives. According to researchers mentioned in the article, natural caffeine has a longer and more consistent effect on mood and mental cognition vs synthetic caffeine while innovators are looking into coffee fruit juice & to include the  entire plant vs just the beans.

Cafe con Leche at Cortadito Coffee House is a go-to breakfast choice with options for milk from whole to almond, coconut & oat & temperature wise, frozen, Iced or hot as a choice.

As of Cortaditos, guests can always choose the type of milk, add extra shots of espresso & sugar or no sugar at all. 

As for recommendations, nothing to look at Cortadito reviews, here is one taken from Lauri N via Yelp that says:  “Chill vibe and great customer service! I ran over to grab some Cuban caffeine and wish I was visiting longer to try amazing looking food. Love the happy ambience- highly recommend a large cortadito with whole milk to get your day started!”

By. E Machado