May we talk about Five Reasons to love el Cinco in Miami?

Going out for dinner & mariachis el CINCO DE MAYO in Miami Beach.















Let’s start with this, on Sunday May 5th, the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is happening.
Additionally, OH! Mexico Restaurant is also participating in the marquee event of the year. So yes, there’s a lot going on around El Cinco.

Based on the Spring Trends report by research firm Datassential, 52% of consumers that celebrate Cinco de Mayo prefer to go to a restaurant for food.

Why don’t we take a minute to explore some things happening in Miami Beach on this date?
Historic background: We’ll be celebrating the Batalla de Puebla, the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War

Secondly, let’s check out TripAdvisor’s best Mexicans and the reviewers’ recommendations. Also, let’s look into Google ratings and finally pick something with Mariachis and a nice outdoor vibe.

Third. What else? Since we’re wish-listing:
No Reservation Required, because you love to walk-in as if it is five o’clock somewhere.
Some DJ action, because why not? it is Sunday after all.
Mariachis are Must-HAVE
A Large selection of Margaritas? Absolutely.
Birria on the menu, just in case we want to keep up with some viral trends.

Reason number 4. Exploring what is on the menu might be another good way to approach this upcoming celebration:

  • Swimming in Citrus.
    They have grown over 25% on menus over the last 4 years, according to market research firm Datassential. Aguachiles are different from other ceviches as they are served immediately after tossing the shrimp with the lime juice instead of marinating for a bit.
    Our favorite at Oh! Mexico, the Green Aguachile: Citrus marinated shrimp, cucumber, red onion & serrano chili-lime sauce
  • Known & Delicious
    Tampiquena Steak.
    A delicious dish, Skirt steak served with a cheese filled enchilada covered in guajillo sauce, accompanied with guacamole, white rice & refried black beans.
  • Growing on Menus.
    Al Pastor.
    Tacos are commonly found on U.S. menus. Al pastor, also known as tacos al pastor, is a Mexican dish based off of shawarma (vertical spit-fired meat) brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants & at OH! Mexico is made with slow roasted guajillo marinated pork, pineapple, onion & cilantro with soft corn tortilla suggested.
  • Find it Everywhere, gotta have it.
    Over 30% of menus in the US serve guacamole. While some people make their own at home, the Guac is the starter by excellence at Oh! Mexico, too tempting to pass. 

FIVE. Finally, let’s get to the list & break it down by geolocation & mood:

Somewhere near the beach, say that you want to stay all day in the water but don’t want to miss the fun?
Oh! Mexico Taco Shop on Ocean Drive.
Address: 804 Ocean Drive. Miami Beach
Is that..? Yes, exactly, next to the iconic News Cafe.
FUN Starts:  Mariachis 5pm followed by DJ.
TRY ON CINCO:  Cochinita Pibil.

Somewhere outdoor & relaxed but you want to go after taking a nice shower, so after the long day at the beach?
Say no more, and head to Oh! Mexico Lincoln Road.
Address: 836 Lincoln Road. Miami Beach
Fun starts:  Party mode at 7pm.
TRY ON CINCO:  Birria Tacos.

Somewhere vibrant with a stylish vibe?
Oh! Mexico Espanola Way, established in 1997, is a staple of Mexican authenticity.
Address: 1440 Washington Avenue. Miami Beach. 
Fun starts: Mariachis 7pm and DJ thru 11pm
TRY ON CINCO:  Gobernador Tacos.

See you AL RATO, can’t wait to be CINCO!

By. E. Machado