Here is a quick guide to the Best Mocktails at Vida & Estilo celebrating National Mocktail Week during Dry January.

New Year & New Me resolutions are very common, especially in January. Most
determinations are related to personal goals like health, wellness, also personal &
professional growth, as well as travel, leisure, relationships and so many more..

There is one trend, currently proliferating in restaurant menus that has gained both
popularity and recognition due to the increased interest in healthier lifestyle impacting
drinking habits, especially when alcohol is involved: those are the alcohol free cocktails
and there is a week for that.

National Mocktail Week happens every January and is a celebration dedicated to
non-alcoholic cocktails, a time to appreciate recipes that don’t contain any alcohol.
Mocktails are perfect for those who prefer not to drink alcohol or for any occasion where
alcoholic beverages aren’t appropriate.

In preparations for this year’s Mocktail celebrations, we pair our selections with some
restaurant favorites across VE Restaurants in Miami & Las Vegas.

Mega Trends & Lemonade Inspired
While new flavors and formats are increasing, lemonade mocktails are an identified mega
trend in the non alcoholic beverage group. Lemonade is common at nearly all restaurant
Most Popular Lemonades: Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade











Where. @Havana 1957
Strawberry is projected to grow up to 22% & is the most popular lemonade flavor in


Where else?
Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade is also trendy at Cafe Americano.












Flavor Notes: Fresh strawberry, cucumber, lemon juice & sweetened with agave.
Fruits are mega trending in beverages & good examples are strawberry and lemon, but
in this case, adding a note of freshness with cucumber makes this Lemonade appealing
to the eye and palate.

Other Lemonade Mocktails.

Spicy Watermelon Lemonade
Where: @Oh! MEXICO Restaurant /
Flavor Notes: Fresh watermelon juice, jalapeños, cilantro, lemon juice, agave.
Fresh Peppers like Jalapeños are the most classic ways to add heat.
Spicy flavors in general are currently very popular & jalapenos appear in 58.5% of the

Dragon Fruit Lemonade
Where: PaperFish Sushi Bar
Flavor Notes: Dragon Fruit / Lime Juice / Ginger Beer / Pure Cane Sugar.
Dragon Fruit has grown 113%+ in the last 4 years, and is projected to appear in 3% of

Mango Limonata
Where. Mercato della Pescheria
Flavor Notes: Mango Puree, Cucumber & Lemonade.
Mango is projected to appear in 4.2% of Menus by 2027 & has grown 10%+ in the last 4


While Moscow Mule is projected to appear in 11.7% of the menus, according to market
research firm Datassential, it is no secret that the Mocktail Mules are deliciously refreshing
and good for any time of the day.

Basil Ginger Mule
Where. Marabu Restaurant










Flavor Notes. Basil leaves, lemon juice & ginger beer


These you got to love.

Beauty and The Drink
Where. News Cafe
Flavor Notes. Q grapefruit soda, Rose Reduction, Citrus, Strawberry, Cucumber

You are Peachy
Where. Cafe Americano
Flavor Notes. Peach Reduction, Sour AF Lime, Lychee Reduction & Grapefruit Juice.

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Must Read.

By. E. Machado