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National Sandwich Day 2023 & the Menu Adoption Cycle

National Food Days are designated days throughout the year when specific foods or types of cuisine are celebrated and enjoyed. These days are often used to promote particular dishes, ingredients, or culinary traditions.

While the origins of National Sandwich Day may not be well-documented, it has become a lighthearted and enjoyable celebration of a beloved food that holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of many Americans. It’s an opportunity to savor and experiment with the endless variety of sandwiches that can be found in restaurant menus around the world.

That said, let’s gather some US insights: Sandwich appears in about 70% of Menus. And according to AI MenuCast “the AI-powered tool that uses F&B industry data to help bring products to life faster..” sandwich is projected to experience a decrease of -2% by 2027.

Speaking of Sandwich Varieties, looking at the Menus at VE Hospitality Group (VEHG) while keeping up with current trends, we combined Datassential data & our menus.

Growing in Preferences: BAO
Currently in 2% of US Menus
Predicted growth 2.7% by 2027
Where in VEHG: PaperFish Sushi Bar

Latino & Interesante:
Ropa Vieja
While in only 0.6% of menus in US
Ropa Vieja is predicted to grow 22% thru 2027
Where in VEHG: Cortadito Coffee House.

One Classic: Reuben
10 years ago was in 20% of the menus
Today is 16.9%& while not growing much,
Everybody knows its name.
Where on VEHG: News Cafe.

The One to Like: Cubano
Currently in 2.3% of menus
Prospective growth is 2.8% by 2027
Where on VEHG: Havana 1957, Marabu, Cortadito, Cafe Americano

Morning Champion: Breakfast Sandwich.
It is in 20% of the menus
And will grow to 23% by 2027
Where on VEHG: Cafe Americano, Cortadito

By. E. Machado