Mint Matcha Lavender - Cortadito Coffee House

What do you Mint? Lavender & Matcha.

Mint Matcha Lavender & Limited time Offerings at Cortadito Coffee House.

One day, the manager at
Cortadito Coffee House noticed a surge in requests to add matcha to non-matcha orders. Initially, he thought it was just one customer, but soon realized it was more than just a few times.

Matcha has been a staple at Cortadito Coffee House since its inception in 2020. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, variations of the popular matcha latte have been ordered on a daily basis, with guests opting for around 50 different sizes between lattes and teas.


Taking iced coffee beyond the basics

Let’s take a moment apart to discuss iced coffee. It’s clear that beyond coffee, restaurants across the US are embracing diverse offerings, and they’re becoming increasingly popular. In hotspots like Miami, choosing fresh and iced drinks throughout the day is an irresistible option. The truth is, the popularity of iced coffee is soaring, with new offerings constantly emerging. And when it comes to Miami, anything espresso-based is like the plat du jour.


Lavender: The rising star

Speaking of new trends, lavender has seen a remarkable surge in popularity. According to market research guru Datassential, the use of lavender in lattes, teas, and desserts has increased by 66% on menus over the past four years. What was once considered an independent coffee shop flavor or niche sparkling water addition has now become a quintessential spring offering. While lavender and lemon have long been recognized as a classic pairing, this versatile herb is now being combined with a broader range of flavors, including berries, matcha (for an especially beautiful presentation), and vanilla for balancing sweetness.


The ultimate fusion: Mint, Lavender and Matcha

What about mixing mint, lavender, and matcha? Now, that’s an idea that screams summer. Wait, what about spring? One word, Miami. So back to the mix. How does it work? Let’s start with the milk. You have the freedom to choose—whether it’s oat milk, which has seen a remarkable rise in popularity over the last years, or traditional favorites like cow milk, almond milk, or plant-based alternatives. Simply pick your favorite, about 8oz, and we’ll add sweet matcha for a unique twist on traditional tea. Carefully blended for the perfect balance of sweetness and packed with antioxidant properties, it’s sure to delight even those unfamiliar with matcha’s flavor profile. And that’s not all—our limited-time offering at Cortadito also boasts an aromatic herbal and floral flavor, courtesy of lavender. Just wait until you try it.


Your new go-to beverage

But wait, there’s more! Let’s not forget about mint. A staple in Mojitos everywhere, mint is to matcha what peanut butter is to jelly—a perfect pairing. Adding a few fresh leaves to your drink will make it your new go-to beverage for sunny days spent strolling around Miami Beach, lounging on the sand, or enjoying a lunch break in Coral Gables. And now, it’s also available for your commute to the office in Brickell, conveniently located at 800 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131.

By. E Machado