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Here is a quick guide to the Best Mocktails at Vida & Estilo celebrating National Mocktail Week during Dry January.

New Year & New Me resolutions are very common, especially in January. Most determinations are related to personal goals like health, wellness, also personal & professional growth, as well as travel, leisure, relationships and so many more.. There is one trend, currently proliferating in restaurant menus that has gained both popularity and recognition due to […]

Trending on National Sandwich Day

National Food Days are designated days throughout the year when specific foods or types of cuisine are celebrated and enjoyed. These days are often used to promote particular dishes, ingredients, or culinary traditions. While the origins of National Sandwich Day may not be well-documented, it has become a lighthearted and enjoyable celebration of a beloved […]

V&E Hospitality Group among the Largest Employers in South Florida.

South Florida Business Journal has listed the 50 Largest Employers in SoFla including Vida & Estilo Hospitality Group, VEHG ranking #29. VE, founded in Miami Beach in 1996, is the only restaurant industry group included in the top 50 with over 2,057 companywide employment & 1,608 in South Florida. Ranked by number of SoFla employees, […]

FIU Chaplin & Vida & Estilo Team Real World Podcast Episode

This happened during Vida & Estilo branded day at FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. VE leaders talked about challenges, favorite dishes, how to create a nice vibe at the restaurant, how to work as a team, how to have fun & much more during The Real World Podcast. Learn about Regional Sales […]

Hispanic Heritage Month Award to Cortadito Coffee House

Cortadito Coffee House has been recognized this year with the Hispanic Heritage Month Award 21st Edition of the Annual Recognitions in the city of Miami Beach. The Hispanic Affairs Committee in Miami Beach honored, including Cortadito together with over a dozen of members of the community who live or work in the City of Miami […]

SOBE Seafood Festival, Innovation & one Sushi Battle.

PaperFish Sushi Bar (Espanola Way) Chef will defend his champion title at the Battle of Sushi during this year’s SOBE Seafood Festival.   The 11th edition of the weekend-long with lots of fun celebration of all things del mar, including the popular VIP Chef Showdown, is taking place on the beach on the weekend of  October […]