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Uncertain Times Call for Expansion by NRN

Uncertain Times Call for Expansion by Nation’s Restaurant News

Uncertain Times Call for Expansion by NRN

VE Hospitality Group CEO Matias Pesce speaks with NRN transitioning to Hospitality Group from Restaurant with two new hotels, opening new locations for Cortadito Coffee House & adding more FSR to the portfolio with The Beacon on Ocean Drive, and Salty Flame in the Brickell area in Miami. VE Group has been listed in America’s Top 25 most influential Independent Operators & Top 50 South Florida Largest Employers.

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Best Seafood restaurants in Miami via


*Luxury Lifestyle Magazine takes a deep look into Miami Seafood scene to discover the …. *”best seafood restaurants Miami has to offer. Additionally, we’ll provide an in-depth look at what makes each of these establishments stand out”

The 10 Top picks include a variety of exceptional restaurants, of which #3 Mercato della Pescheria.

Among the highlights about Mercato, and according to“Italian Seafood Fusion, grilled delights & friendly staff”

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VE Group included in America’s Top 25 Restaurant Groups


Nation’s Restaurant News names America’s Top 25 restaurant groups – Independent Restaurants.

The list scales by unit count the 25 most influential independent groups with units from 23 to 89.

The restaurants that are “blending the creative spirit of independents with the operational and financial scale of chains, NRN partnered with Technomic for this look at the 25 largest restaurant groups by unit count“, according to NRN post.

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Miami Spice on Lincoln Road

Via Luxury Guide, the must-visit South Beach destination, announced six of the top participant restaurants including Oh! Mexico at 836 Lincoln Road

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Havana 1957 has been included in Capture Miami tour mobile App

Havana 1957 has been included in Capture Miami tour mobile App.

Havana 1957 has been included in Capture Miami tour mobile App

Free Mojito with the purchase of an entrée at Havana 1957 is one of the multiple options thru Marriot Bonvoy APP that will allows “Locals and visitors can now explore Miami’s vibrant culture and diverse culinary scene, all from the palm of their hands” as seen in Miami New Times.

According to Julissa Kepner, Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay general manager and executive board member (and incoming chair) of the GMCVB, via New Times the app invites travelers and locals alike to discover the best food, photo ops, culture, and deals from Miami’s top must-see restaurants, hotels, and attractions in neighborhoods including South Beach…

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Open Table City Guides

Open Table’s MUST book & exciting restaurants this year

Open Table City Guides

Miami-based writer Amber Love Bond recommends best restaurants in Miami today in her Open Table City Guides article.

The list of 6 restaurants includes South Beach icon News Café of which highlights to menu items such as pina colada pancakes, Tony tomato soup & chicken parm.

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Food Network Best Thing to Eat in Miami: Cubano at Havana 1957


Ham, Swiss cheese, sliced roast pork and pickle chips are heaped two inches thick between thin slices of fresh Cuban bread, spread with mustard and butter; then the sandwich is grilled in a press, so the outside is crisp-toasted and the inside gooey with cheese. The Cuban sandwich is the ultimate ham and cheese melt, although no one can agree on who does the very best version. (In fact, there’s an annual festival and statewide contest.) Havana 1957 does an Americanized portion — i.e. too big for one person to eat,— with a side of fritas that practically demand you slake their saltiness with sangria.

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Eater Miami’s anticipated openings in May: Café Americano Brickell City Centre.

A New All-Day Cafe Lands in Miami’s Brickell City Centre

Café Americano Diner, a restaurant by Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group and the Culinary Edge, has opened its doors in Brickell City Centre. Conceived as a casual take on the Café Americano brand found throughout the city, the diner combines traditional American cuisine with Latin flavors. The menu boasts dishes like tres leches French toast, Cubano club, and adobo tofu bowl; all pair well with cocktails like the maiz Old Fashioned and pineapple Pisco Slush.

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Taste of The Town: The ultimate blast from the past at News Cafe

MIAMI BEACH – It’s the ultimate blast from the past at the newly reopened iconic News Cafe located on the ground floor of The Tony Hotel on Ocean Drive on Miami Beach.

The restaurant was the brainchild of famed restaurateur Mark Soyka who opened it in 1988, as one of the only restaurants in Ocean Drive’s Art Deco District.

“It’s about preserving history, ” said Scott Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties, who owns The Tony Hotel and bought the News Cafe brand from Soyka when it closed during Covid in 2021.

The plan was whoever was to run it had to make it News Cafe.

“So we wanted to be part of the solution of the next resurgence of Ocean Drive and we want to do that by actually reclaiming its history. And that’s why we decided to reopen it as News Cafe,” Srebnick said.

Walking through the freshened up, yet familiar space it’s clearly an homage to its storied past.

It was, after all, the first restaurant on Miami Beach to be open 24 hours.

“It was synonymous with the Art Deco District and partially because it was really the only game in town,” he said.

It’s truly a step back in time with photo memories.

“I mean, I’m seeing the history of Miami Beach right here,” said CBS Miami’s Lisa Petrillo looking at the old photographs on the walls. “This was the 90’s over there and then you have Don Johnson during the 80’s for Miami Vice right there.”

“There’s Johnny Versace on the wall right over here,” said Srebnick.

Yes, News Cafe was a favorite of the late designer and is marked in history as the last place Versace visited before he was killed on the steps of his home just down the street.

“He would come here every morning to get his newspaper because one of the hallmarks of the place was that it offered newspapers from around the world,” he explained. “So Johnny Versace would come here and grab his newspaper and then walk back to his mansion. And that’s what happened on the day of the fateful incident.”

The restaurant is operated by Vida and Estilo Restaurant Group manned by corporate chef Alex Martinez who prepares the tasting dishes with an America meets The Mediterranean menu.

“A lot of people get nostalgic when they come here. They say, ‘Oh, my gosh. I haven’t been here in 20 years. I remember how this place used to be’,” said Martinez.

“So we see it and a lot of people are very happy with the little couple of tweaks that we’ve made, but still trying to keep it true to the old place that it used to be.”

Classics like Tony’s Tomato Soup served with a side of grilled cheese. It hits the spot.

“It’s just like a warm hug even on a hot day,” said Petrillo, after tasting.

As does the mouthwatering Chicken Parmigiana where the melted cheese is served on top tableside.

“I mean, you nailed it,” said Petrillo. “It’s crispy, which is why that cheese comes on later making it melty and then it’s super tender on the inside.”

There’s also a new brunch item served all day until 4 p.m. It’s Pina Colada Pancakes with grilled pineapple, coconut sauce & house toasted coconut.

“There’s a lot going on, but it’s not heavy at all. You have so many different flavors and textures. It is really like a dessert pancake, ” said Petrillo.

News Cafe serves up history, headlines, and nostalgia 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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The infatuation Newsfeed

The Infatuation – The 18 Best Cuban Food in Miami

No one does it better than Miami” and according to The Infatuation Virginia Otazzo: “… here are the ones you should be prioritizing”

The 18 spots list includes Havana 1957 Espanola Way, which the critic describes as: “…turns out that Havana 1957 isn’t just popular because of its location on Española Way—the food here is very good. Service is fast and personable ….. and the mojitos are refreshing…”
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