Summer Dining Trends from Miami Restaurant Group

Summer’s just around the corner—here in Miami, actually, it’s already here—and to celebrate we’re taking a look at a few of the major trends afoot in dining habits and the restaurant industry itself. Let’s dive in!

Plant-based Foods

We already noted this particular trend in a recent V&E blogpost, but it’s worth re-emphasizing given how significantly vegetarian and otherwise plant-based fare is expanding in popularity. Chefs and diners alike are exploring just how diverse and dynamic this huge corner of the culinary arena can be, with meatless dishes that go far beyond simple salads or roasted vegetables.

Latin American Cuisine on the Rise

Food & Wine article on the “11 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2019” quoted chef and cookbook author Michelle Bernstein in spotlighting a deepening U.S. interest in Latin American cuisine. “I see people opening up to trying the flavors of Latin America, and I also see it spreading across the country,” Bernstein said. “It wasn’t long ago where people didn’t know the difference between Mexican cuisine with foods from Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but that has changed and will continue to.”

It’s certainly a trend we can get behind here at V&E, given our Mexican restaurants (La Cerveceria de Barrio, Oh! Mexico) and our throwback-style Cuban eatery, Havana 1957!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Obviously, beer, wine, and cocktails aren’t going anywhere—and you can enjoy a rich smorgasbord of them at V&E restaurants and bars—but more and more dining establishments are expanding their non-alcoholic options as well, and that’s only a good thing. From fermented kombucha to craft sodas and cold-brew tonics, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a refreshing booze-free beverage that goes beyond conventional soft drinks or straight-shooting coffee.

Street Food Style

Some of the best cuisine all around the world is that offered up by street vendors and food trucks, and that casual, crowd-pleasing cookery is increasingly influencing chefs in brick-and-mortar restaurant kitchens—including at high-end fine-dining outfits. Here again, this is a trend we’re all over here at V&E: Mexican street food and cantina fare are the driving inspirations at our very own La Cerveceria de Barrio, for example.

Join Us for Summer Dining in Miami

From the street-food delights of La Cerveceria de Barrio to the authentic Italian dishes at Mercato della Pescheria, we’re proud to offer some truly vivacious, internationally inspired cuisine in Miami across our family of restaurants here at V&E! Join us for summer dining anytime.