Fine Dining Trends at Miami Beach Restaurant Group

Here at the V&E Restaurant Group blog, we recently shared some of the trending technological directions of the dining industry. Today we thought we’d pull back a little for a broader focus on general, all-around trends in fine dining—a subject area we naturally keep close tabs on as we manage our popular and varied eateries in the U.S. and Mexico.

Read on for a few of the widely recognized recent fads and focuses in gourmet dining.

Plant-Powered Eats

More and more chefs are flexing their botanical muscles, so to speak, by expanding and deepening the plant-based fare on their menus. It’s a reflection of an increasing proportion of vegetarian and vegan customers as well as an ever-growing recognition of the depth and diversity of flavor the plant kingdom offers a kitchen. These days, even avowed meat-eaters are realizing that animal protein isn’t by any means a necessary prerequisite of spectacular, nourishing gastronomy.

Image is Everything

Well, actually, image most definitely isn’t everything: in life generally or in food specifically. That said, there’s no denying the influence of social media and its “food porn” on restaurant plating. Fine-dining chefs have always been concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their dishes, of course, but now more than ever creative and striking visuals are their own aspiration, as Patricia Doherty noted last year in Departures (culling info from the National Restaurant Association’s survey of close to 700 American Culinary Federation-affiliated chefs).

Local, Local, Local

Ocean Blue World called hyper-localness as “the hottest trend for 2018,” and it’s certainly still very much front and center in the restaurant industry. That refers to acutely local sourcing of ingredients, but also to on-site preparations such as in-house beer-brewing, sauce-making, and the like.

Celebrating Sustainable

That same Ocean Blue World writeup notes that sustainability continues to be a watchword for the restaurant industry (and society at large)—for good reason. Here at V&E Restaurant Group, we definitely believe a greener approach is vital for dining establishments. You can read more about the trend toward greater sustainability—and our own efforts in that regard—in this blogpost of ours from last year.

Join Us for Topnotch Dining at V&E Restaurant Group

Whether environmental initiatives or emerging flavors, we’ve always got a sharp eye on important trends in the dining industry here at V&E Restaurant Group. One thing that never changes with us is our focus on you, our patron: Our overriding goal is to provide you with authentic, heartfelt cuisine in a warm, welcoming, dynamic atmosphere. Come join us at the table at any of our many V&E restaurants!