Top Technology Trends in Miami Restaurant Industry

From smart gadgets to virtual reality, today’s technology continues to transform our world at mindboggling speed. Those transformations certainly extend into the restaurant industry, where they’re changing the way owners manage their business, staff learn their operations, and customers engage with a dining establishment.

Here at V&E Restaurant Group, we’re of course keenly interested in the technological trends impacting eateries and eager to adopt those that improve efficiency, quality, and patron satisfaction. Today at the V&E blog, we thought we’d round up a few of the most exciting developments. Most of these have been gleaned from a great Fast Casual roundup by Niall Keane from last year, which we encourage you to read.

Virtual Reality Training

Virtual-reality (VR) technology is revolutionizing the way that restaurants implement employee training, as both Keane’s Fast Casual article and this Toast Restaurant Blog infographic suggest. With VR training, restaurant staff can learn the ropes remotely, which cuts down on costs and disruption, and have all the greater flexibility and clarity in mastering processes and learning from mistakes (better for both trainee and restaurant when they’re committed virtually).

Bluetooth Temperature Sensors

The Fast Casual writeup notes that Bluetooth sensors are helping restaurant managers continually monitor the status and safety of their ingredients with greater exactitude. “Using handheld probes and fixed sensors,” Keane writes, “restaurants can manually or automatically measure the temperatures of their key assets in as little as four seconds.”

Tracking Restaurant Inventory Digitally

Digital inventory tracking, meanwhile, makes it easier and more efficient to accurately assess stores in real-time, and to more smoothly replenish them. All of this cuts down on waste, in terms of product, time, and labor.

Automated Orders & Payments

At Fast Casual, Keane notes that such innovations as electronic kiosks and tabletop tablets are rapidly becoming more widespread in the restaurant industry, allowing customers to sift through menus, place orders, and pay their bills on their own.

Digital Reservations & Table Updates

In a similar vein, digital systems are making it more convenient, user-friendly, and (hopefully) satisfying for restaurant customers to place reservations and receive down-to-the-minute estimates of wait times and order status.

Restaurant Technology: Constant Evolution

It’s a whole new world out there when it comes to running a restaurant, with online and digital technology offering marvelous potential for boosting everything from employee performance and food safety to customer service. Here at V&E—where we manage a slew of outstanding restaurants in Miami as well as Las Vegas and Mexico—we’re all for such innovations!