El Guapo Aka The Handsome

Best Hotels & South Beach.

Trip101 is an online travel guide that highlights the best accommodations thru hotels, vacation rentals & things to do around the world featuring top cities like Miami.

Sarah Eunice Lara, a creative travel writer, has recently compiled a list via Trip101 with the Best 9 Hotels with private pools recommended for travelers: ”Sometimes, a chill day by the hotel pool can be just what the doctor ordered. If a slow day is more your style…” – Sarah wrote.

#1 on the list is Hotel Breakwater, home of our Cuban Cuisine Havana 1957 South Beach with notes of uniqueness as described by the author: “For freshly cooked meals, you may visit the on-site Havana 1957 to relish some authentic Cuban dishes”

Havana 1957 Breakwater has recently been listed under the Best Sandwiches of America via Restaurant Hospitality, thanks to El guapo aka the Handsome sandwich created by Chef Yunior Perez.

El Guapo Aka The Handsome

El Guapo Aka The Handsome

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