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Interior Design Trends for South Florida & Mexico Restaurants

We are officially in 2019, and new style trends for interior design in restaurants are here. V&E Restaurant Group is always trying to achieve optimal ambience in each of our restaurants.

The goal is to walk through the doors of a V&E Restaurant and be transported. We put every effort into making each detail unique and special to the appropriate focus of the establishment.

This year, we are excited about many of the new trends going into restaurants around North America. Here are a few of our favorites:

A Cozy Environment, Full of Hygge

If you are familiar with the concept of hygge, you know exactly what we’re talking about here. Hyggeis a Danish word that is actually pronounced Hyoo-gah. In English, it can be roughly translated to the word cozy; although, hygge is much more than that.

With this concept, the goal is to create a more inviting and cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. Candles, rustic features, and cozy seating are all a part of this.

Eating Together, Family Style

In Europe, you’ll find that many restaurants feature communal style restaurant eating where you may be sitting right next to someone you don’t know at the same table. This is often found in larger cities in North America as well, and it’s now spreading even more.

These shared spaces help create a homier feel in the restaurant, and the seating style may even help form new friendships and engagements between patrons.

Restaurants Within Established Businesses

Lastly, one of the trends we are seeing more and more is the establishment of restaurants within other brick and mortar businesses. Many businesses find that this is a good way to keep funds within their own establishments.

Customers are often employees, who can engage with one another and have a social space to go that is not far off. In colder climates, it’s also perfect for employees who want a cup of coffee, a doughnut, or a delicious lunch without having to go outside in the cold.

This trend has even spread to other types of establishments, including donut and pastry shops, coffee shops, banks, gyms, and more.

At V&E Restaurant Group, we are always looking to the future, aiming to create new, stylish, and cutting-edge designs in each of our unique restaurants. We love incorporating the best features possible into our spaces and look forward to seeing how these conceptual design trends play out this 2019!

What trends in restaurant styling are you looking forward to this year?