Dining scene: From shrimp tacos to chicken-turkey meatloaf

History of V&E Restaurant Group

The ‘V’ and ‘E’ in V&E Restaurant Group stand for ‘Vida’ and ‘Estilo.’ We are the Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group of South Florida.

In English, ‘vida’ means life, and ‘estilo’ means style, and that is what we try to embody for our restaurant group. Over time, we have grown tremendously and now have restaurants all over Miami as well as in Mexico and Las Vegas.

Here’s a little bit more about how we got our start at the V&E Restaurant Group.

History of V&E Restaurant Group
V&E Restaurant Group got its start back in 1985 with just a few restaurants that became very successful, and soon the group grew into a valuable and high-earning association of fine dining establishments.
The individuals who started the restaurant group consisted of a team of seasoned industry professionals who knew exactly what it would take to develop crowd-winning ambience, delicious food and drinks, and a truly unique feel for each of their restaurants.
Over the course of the group’s existence, over 30 restaurants have been owned and/or operated throughout North America by V&E Restaurant Group. Each restaurant has had its own unique cuisine, style, and setting.

Unique Style and Lasting Design
The goal of V&E Restaurant Group in the beginning was to make each restaurant feel like its own special place and like guests were being transported into a new destination every time they entered. This was accomplished by taking extra special care to create elegant and specialized decor, music, furniture, lighting, art, gardening, handmade artisan pieces, and more.
No two restaurants with V&E Restaurant Group are exactly alike. A lot of research and development goes into the creation and maintenance of each one, in order to tie nightlife concepts, traditional cultures, and lifestyles into one unique environment that is truly inviting and warm.

V&E Restaurant Group Properties
V&E Restaurant Group owns and operates restaurants in Miami and Las Vegas in the United States, as well as in Mexico.
In Miami, we are proud to have several of the best restaurants on the famous Espanola Way. Here is a listing of our restaurants in Miami:

  • La Cerveceriade Barrio
  • Barsecco
  • Oh! Mexico
  • Mercatode la Pescheria
  • Havana 1957
  • Tapas y Tintos

In Las Vegas, we are proud to offer Café Americano and a second location of Mercato de la Pescheria.

And finally, in Mexico, we offer:

  • Burger Bar Joint
  • La Cerveceriade Barrio
  • MIT Steak Bar
  • ComederoMexicano Mexican Eatery

We hope you join us at one of our establishments for a fine dining experience soon!