The Most photogenic beach of the world is Miami Beach & Three of the most photogenic hotels are in Las Vegas

The new edition of the 2022 Instagram travel guide, created by Infiki, looked at hundreds of places including hotels, beaches, restaurants, parks & found the most Instagrammable locations for every type of traveller

How did they do it? The methodology around the guide included the refresh of the previous list of 2020 and also considered the rankings plus providing fresh inspiration to prospective travelers. Infiki created hashtags for each location that were then searched on Instagram, with the total number of posts for each being recorded, which allowed them to rank the different locations based on the number of posts and ultimately revealing the most popular destinations on Instagram across a range of categories. 

Here is the quick guide to the Beautiful & Best: 

BEACHES. Miami Beach, home of 12 VE locations including Mercato della Pescheria, Havana 1957, La Cerveceria de Barrio, Cortadito Coffee House, Cafe Americano & Oh! Mexico, ranks #1 out of 50 of the most popular & photogenic beaches in the world, based on over 15M instagram posts.

HOTELS. And about the top 50 hotels around the world, Caesars Palace where our very own Cafe Americano is located ranks in #3 with over 1.5M instagram posts this year followed by the Venetian Resort at #7 with over 270K posts and the home of another VE restaurant, Mercato della Pescheria at St Marks Square. 

The list also includes parks & skylines, of which Las Vegas ranking #22 #vegasskyline with over 18K posts. 

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