SOBE Seafood Festival, Innovation & one Sushi Battle.


PaperFish Sushi Bar (Espanola Way) Chef will defend his champion title at the Battle of Sushi during this year’s SOBE Seafood Festival.  

The 11th edition of the weekend-long with lots of fun celebration of all things del mar, including the popular VIP Chef Showdown, is taking place on the beach on the weekend of  October 20th and will feature 24 Chef Battles & a great opportunity for Chefs to innovate & create new dishes to add to their menus at 7pm on Friday.

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Sushi Winner in 2022
During the 10 year of SOBE Seafood Festival, PaperFish Chef Michael  Asalie, delighted the Chef with a Sandwich del Mar creation that consisted of a Tuna Roll with Crab & Avocado, topped with red tobico and bonito flakes.

Ranking among the Best Restaurants in the Travel Guide Tripadvisor, PaperFish Sushi Bar, has currently two locations operating, one in Brickell & one in South Beach and offering  a rich tapestry of flavors, textures & signatures dishes, making it a source of delight and exploration for japanese food enthusiasts in Miami. 

As of 2023 there are over 19K Sushi Restaurants in the US, according to consulting company IbisWorld with a 4% increase since 2022. 

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by E. Machado