If you like Pina Colada

Travel + Leisure mapped the most popular cocktails by State & Country using a UK swimwear study that analyzed keyword searches via Google. According to the Cocktail Report by PourMoi company, piña coladas top the list (with 2.3 million) in Florida and Hawaii, though in other six states including Nevada they came out as the most popular. Where else? New Jersey, Virginia, Arizona, Utah, and Illinois.

The origins: First mentioned as a cocktail dating back to 1952, always associated with summer, beaches, vacation & tropical, Pina Colada is also (and back to the Pour Moi study) the number two searched in US but also in Mexico, Russia & Egypt (speaking about 10.5 million global searches).

Mix & Match, July 10th every year we celebrate National Day so let’s take a look at the great variety of pina coladas based on our guests preferences:


Traditional & Classy – Summer trends.In the Top 10 of favorite drinks for guests spending Un dia en la Habana, Pina Colada consumption during Q1-2022 was about 38 cocktails / day but since June 1st it the number has increased +8 every day.
Hey Bartender! The average number of this cocktail per day in Havana 1957 is 43.
Ingredients: House piña colada mix and Bacardí Superior Rum.



Popular & Iced. All year favorite.Between Miami Beach & Las Vegas, over 12K guests have enjoyed Pina Colada during 2022.
Hey Bartender! The average number of this tropical cocktail per day at the Latin twist of a Classic American fare is over 60/ day.


Virgin Pina Colada

Free lovers have always enjoyed this mocktail at Havana 1957.
How many per day? About 20

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