Halloween Marketing Trends from Miami Beach Restaurants

’Tis the haunting season, and here at Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group we’re ready to serve up some “scary”-good tips for dining establishments looking to take advantage of Halloween.

Read on for some ideas on how to use this spookiest holiday to your advantage in promoting your business!

Seasonal Dishes

Whether you’re totally on board with pumpkin as an anything-goes ingredient or not, one of the easiest ways to tap into the Halloween spirit as a restaurant is by offering special seasonal appetizers, entrees, or desserts—not to mention Halloween-themed drinks.

Halloweeny Decorations

It goes without saying, but a few ghosts, scarecrows, cobwebs, Jack-o-Lanterns, zombies, and the like immediately transform your establishment into a Halloween destination. How all out you want to go is up to you, though you’ll surely be rewarded for fully unleashing your creativity!

Tickets for Local Halloween Events

This time of year there is, of course, no shortage of Halloween happenings on the menu: from all-ages corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and costume parades to freaky haunted houses, scare-fests, and ghost tours. Consider purchasing tickets to one of these events in your area and offering them to your customers as a promotion.

Costume Contests & Parties

Another no-brainer Halloween promotion is the good old costume contest or party: especially well-suited to bars and pubs, but potentially workable for other kinds of establishments. Dressed-up staff isn’t a bad idea, either!

Trick or Treating

If your community, like so many, organizes trick-or-treating events centered on local businesses, definitely consider signing on.

Social Media Promotions

Besides (of course) advertising all of your Halloween food and drink specials and your costume parties, you can more generally use this fun, universally appealing holiday to engage with customers over social media. Surveys about favorite horror movies, soliciting photo submissions of costumes, sharing ghost stories: Here again, the sky’s the limit as far as the Halloween-themed customer engagement’s concerned!

Embrace the Halloween Spirit & Boost Your Restaurant’s Visibility

If you for some reason write off Halloween as a kid’s holiday without any relevance to your restaurant, think again: All Hallow’s Eve is something almost everybody gets into, and it’s a fabulous “spirit” (if you will) to get behind, with nearly endless opportunities in the decoration, food/drink-special, and festivities departments.

Happy Halloween From Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group

However you choose to promote your restaurant this Halloween window, here at V&E Restaurant Group we’d like to wish you a happy haunting season!