Best Of Miami® 2023

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Five VE Group concepts including Marabu, Havana 1957, PaperFish, Barsecco & Cortadito Coffee House are Reader’s choice New Times Best of Miami winners this year.


New Times, the trusted source of information about news, restaurants, music and the arts for more than 1 million monthly active readers, releases every year their Best of Miami® (in their own  words): “official guide to the best people, restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, music and more in Miami”


For another year, restaurants like PaperFish, Marabu & Cortadito Coffee House were awarded with Reader’s Choice while new additions include Havana 1957.


Taking a closer look to 2023 winners top favorites & uniqueness notes: 


Best Cuban Marabu

Skirt Steack

Leading the charts: Skirt Steak, Masas al Carbon, Ropa Vieja, Cubano & Vaca Frita.
Uniqueness Notes: Reputation is all about,  #1 of 2.7K in Miami.


Best Coffee House Cortadito


Cortadito Doggi

Leading the charts: Cortaditos & Cafe con Leche (Medium is king). 

Uniqueness Notes: Tale of two cities, Conventions & Cuban Bowls. 


Best Sushi PaperFish


Leading the charts: Signature Rolls

Uniqueness Notes: Ratings & Reviews 5.0 in TripAdvisor. 


Best Brunch Barsecco


Leading the charts: Brunch Unlimited Mimosas, Hookahs & Margaritas

Uniqueness Notes: Must-Have $7 Happy Hour MON to FRI  3 to 7 pm or SAT & SUN 4 to 7 pm.


Best Mojito Havana 1957

Mojito Havana

Leading the charts: Pollo Havana, Orquesta Cubana, Cubanos, Churrasco & Mojitos!
Uniqueness Notes: About 300 between Classic & Super Mojitos served daily.


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