Best Miami Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Fall

Fall is just around the corner—it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?—and that means a whole smorgasbord of possibilities for seasonal marketing for your restaurant.

Here at the Vida & Estilo Restaurant Group’s blog, we like to provide as many tips and insights on successfully marketing an eatery as we can, and today we’re going to focus on some advice for promoting your establishment amid the crisp, shortening days of autumn. Read on for a bit of inspiration as the calendar turns toward that delicious–and emphasis on delicious—time of fall!

Game Day Promotions

For many in the U.S., fall means one thing and one thing only: football season. On any given Sunday (not to mention Mondays and Thursdays), you’re going to have a gaggle of gridiron fans looking for a place to cheer on their team, which means a huge opportunity for a restaurant. Offer special food and drink deals as game-day promotions to draw the football crowd.

College Marketing

Fall also means that school’s back in session. If you have a college or university in or near your town, consider offering specials for students and focusing some of your old-fashioned flyer and paper-menu advertising on campus.

Get Involved With Worthy Fundraisers

There tends to be a lot of fundraising activities in the fall, whether it’s a high-school club or a non-profit charity. Consider deepening your ties to the community by offering meals at your restaurant as part of the initiative, or otherwise supporting the effort.

Get Seasonal on Social Media

From autumnal memes to recipes for pumpkin pie, inject plenty of fall flavor into your preferred social-media feeds.

Getting Into Halloween

From costume contests to themed drink specials, Halloween presents the perfect opportunity for some savvy (and fun) seasonal promotion.

Take Advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday

These days, the Thanksgiving stretch for some people is as much about spending money as it is about the holiday itself. You might as well get in on the action by scheming up your own steal-of-a-deal restaurant promotion.

Emphasize the Cozy & the Cheery

Fall means earlier nightfall and cooler temperatures, both elements that can, with the right prodding, encourage people to go out for a meal or a drink. Promote your business as a warm, cozy, welcoming place to spend an autumn evening.

Reassess Things

On a more general and more personal level, why not mark the seasonal transformation—the winding-down of the year—with a re-evaluation of your marketing strategy and restaurant mission? Such self-reflection can only be a good thing!